Published October 29, 2022

Make Living in Place Less Scary for Seniors

With Halloween approaching and all the fun scary activities going on, living in place may be scary too – and we want to keep the scariness just to Halloween fun! Living in place can bring up many worries and concerns for seniors and their families. We are going to share with you a few concerns that may arise and ways to ease those concerns to make living in place less frightening!  

Transportation Concerns 

Whether it is moving around your home or getting to places outside of your home, transportation and mobility might be a concern when living in place. A power wheelchair or a scooter might be the solution to this concern. Another solution would be to find family members, close friends, or volunteers to help drive you to the grocery store, doctor appointments, and anywhere else that you might need to go.  

Isolation Concerns  

When seniors age at home and if they can no longer drive themselves, they may lose contact with their friends and family, and become lonely. This is a common concern but there are many solutions! There are local centers and organizations that organize activities and events for seniors to attend, this is a great way to meet other people and catch up with friends! Another solution is to make sure family members come by regularly to check in and spend time with their loved ones. Setting up Facetime calls with family members and friends that don’t live nearby will be extremely helpful too. 

Home Safety Concerns

A large risk when seniors are living in place is the risk of falls and injuries. This can happen anywhere in the home and can cause serious injuries. The solution to home safety concerns is to start making home modifications. As we age, our home safety needs to change with us. You can easily make modifications by adding bathroom safety products like grab bars, raised toilet seats, and shower chairs. Making your home more accessible will eliminate the risk of injuries as well. Installing items like a stair lift can be helpful along with ramps and elevators! These modifications will allow access to all areas of the home safely! 

Meal Concerns 

As we grow older tasks become more difficult and cooking could become one of those tasks. This grows concerns for seniors and their families. A few solutions to this concern could be taking turns cooking with friends and sharing meals. This is a great way to try new foods and socialize with friends or family. Family members could also take turns bringing food over to the house to make sure their loved ones are eating healthy meals. There are meal program options available that could be a solution as well!   

Overall living in place can be scary for seniors and their families. Although there are many concerns there are also many benefits to living in place – it can be very beneficial for seniors’ mental and physical health! Hopefully, these solutions can make living in place a little less scary. We hope the only thing spooky for you is the fun Halloween activities this month. Have a great Halloween!  

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