AADL Wheelchairs, Large Equipment & Pediatric Recycle Program

Equipment Guides

Have you recently received your recycled equipment and require assistance in making necessary adjustments or understanding its functioning? Please clicks on the link below.

General Equipment Recycle Program

Medical equipment can be costly. Reusing durable medical equipment helps limit some of this cost, improve access and availability to those who need it, and improve quality of life. Follow instructions below to request a “Recycle-Out” of equipment, or to return equipment no longer required.

Step 1

The Therapist submits a generic specification form. If you wish to get or send back used medical equipment, email (South of Red Deer) or with the following information below. Please do not just ship a piece of equipment back to the Recycle depot without first contacting us. We will assist.

Information for Recycles Out

  • Contact Name
  • Phone number
  • Email Address
  • Delivery Address


  • Name of Client
  • PHN – Health Card Number
  • Date of Birth

Information for Recycles In

  • Name of Client:
  • Pick up Address:
  • Phone Number:
  • PHN – Health Card Number
  • Date of Birth:
  • Serial Number:
  • Type of Equipment:


  • Your Name:


  • Is this for a folding wheelchair?
  • Does the piece of equipment fold up?
  • Is this a Power wheelchair? Is it
  • Is this a patient lift?
    Is it a floor or ceiling model?
    Does it fold up?


  • Are there any other pieces of
    equipment that you want to recycle
    with a Government of Alberta Sticker
    on it?

Note: Many pieces of equipment show up with little information or no paperwork about who the previous client is or if it’s for repair or recycling. We strongly recommend only shipping equipment back with the recycle depot’s authorization. Please do not ship back any recycle equipment without prior authorization. If the information still needs to be completed, we may get back to you and request completion, which can delay the process.

For any questions, contact our team.

Step 2

Eco Medical searches recycle inventory and sends a “match or no match” response to the Therapist.

Step 3

When we “match”, Eco Medical prepares the recycle-out estimate (with AADL approval, if required) and sends the estimate to the therapist.

Step 4

The Therapist confirms with the client of any cost share and/or upgrade amounts.

Step 5

An authorizer submits authorization to ABC OHP for recycle wheelchair The Therapist notifies Eco Medical of authorization by providing ABC reference # to confirm specifications.

Step 6

Eco Medical collects cost share from the client, completes refurbishment and delivers the equipment to the client.

Step 7

The Therapist will follow up with a visit.

Recycle Process Overview

Here’s an overview of how the Recycle Process works when match is found.

Equipment Guides

Portable Patient Lift

Footrest Adjustment on a Manual Wheelchair

How to adjust your back angle

Adjusting your brakes

How to use your ceiling track lift

Alberta Blue Cross Recycle

Here’s how you can access the Recycle Resource Page on the Alberta Blue Cross Website.

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Select “Providers” from the Menu

Step 3

Select “AADL providers” from the Provider selections

Step 4

Select “Wheelchair, seating and recycle equipment providers” from the AADL Heath providers selections

Generic Specification Forms

Did you want the bed recycle program?

Recycles Departments

Kindly address or ask to speak with the Recycle Department using these contact information if you wish to speak to a representative directly.

Recycle NORTH Department

Contact Number:

Recycle SOUTH Department

Contact Numbers:

Got Questions?

The team at Eco Medical Equipment is here to help! If you have questions about our products or services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.