Rental Policy

Rental Policy

To ensure availability, reservations are necessary. To reserve dates for rental equipment, kindly download the Equipment Rental Agreement form and email or fax it to Eco Medical Equipment Sales Department at Upon receiving, our Sales Department will contact you with confirmation.

Terms and Conditions of Equipment Rental

In consideration of the rental of the equipment described by the undersigned (hereinafter referred to as the “Renter”) from Eco Medical Equipment named on attached page (hereinafter referred to as “ECO”) upon the terms and conditions, and for the price herein specified, it is agreed as follows:

1. Rental and Term

Rental and term begins on the date and time specified as “RENTAL DATE” and terminates on return of equipment to ECO’s premises (“RETURN DATE”) unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by the parties. The rental is subject to an automatic renewal for a period of time equal to the Rental Period until the equipment is returned by the Customer to ECO. ECO may terminate the Rental at any time and upon termination take possession of the equipment. Renter agrees to pay, upon the return of equipment to ECO’s premises, all charges and costs for the use of the Rental Equipment. Customer agrees to have al outstanding charges processed on a credit card upon return of equipment.

2. Privileges and Waiver of Defects

Renter accepts the RENTAL EQUIPMENT on an “as is” basis. Customer acknowledges and declares that they will inspect the equipment upon receipt. The Customer will contact ECO immediately after receiving the equipment if it is not in good, safe operative condition. The Customer warrants that he is familiar with the operation of the RENTAL EQUIPMENT and is qualified to make such an inspection. Customer agrees to return the RENTAL EQUIPMENT to ECO’s premises by the RETURN DATE in as good condition as when received by Customer, ordinary wear and tear excepted.

3. Rental Equipment becomes unsafe or in disrepair during the rental period

Renter will immediately discontinue use of the Rental Equipment should it at any time become unsafe or in a state of disrepair during the RENTAL PERIOD Furthermore, the Renter will immediately notify ECO that the RENTAL EQUIPMENT is unsafe or in disrepair and until such time as ECO has regained possession the Customer has agreed to take all steps reasonably necessary to prevent injuries to any person and all property from the RENTAL EQUIPMENT or products.

4. Permitted are of use of rental equipment

Without ECO’s written consent, Customer shall not remove the Equipment from the Country in which it is rented.

5. Customer’s Liability for misuse of equipment

Customer shall not abuse, harm or misuse, the RENTAL EQUIPMENT. Customer shall not permit any repairs to be made to the RENTAL EQUIPMENT. In the event of any accident or casualty resulting in bodily injury or property damages arising out of Renter’s use of the RENTAL AGREEMENT, the Customer agrees to accept all responsibility therefore, and shall hold ECO harmless for any claims or action arising. In case of the loss or destruction of any part of the RENTAL EQUIPMENT, or inability to return the same to ECO, on the expiration and due date, for any reason whatsoever, Customer shall pay ECO the actual replacement cost of said RENTAL EQUIPMENT.

6. Disclaimer of warranties

ECO makes NO warranties, expressed or implied, as to the RENTAL EQUIPMENT’S merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. Customer’s sole remedy for any failure or defect in the RENTAL EQUIPMENT shall be the return of the RENTAL EQUIPMENT at the time of failure. ECO shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury to Renter or Renter’s property, including incidental, special or consequential damages, in any way connected with the operation, use, defect in or failure of the RENTAL EQUIPMENT.

7. Indemnification of ECO by Customer

Customer expressly indemnifies and hold ECO harmless of, from and against any and all claims, loss, costs, damages, lawyer fees and/or liability in connection with the hiring and use of the RENTAL EQUIPMENT regardless of whether a lawsuit is filed in the event a suit is instituted by ECO to recover possession of said RENTAL EQUIPMENT or to enforce any of the terms, conditions or provisions hereof. Renter agrees to pay all costs and reasonable lawyer fees of ECO incurred in connection therewith.

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