Published September 10, 2021

How to Choose the Right Stair Lift

If your mobility and accessibility needs have recently changed, things that once seemed simple now present new challenges. It’s likely that your home is not built to accommodate your new mobility needs, and that going up and down between the levels of your home has now become more difficult. But there is a solution that can be customized to fit the layout of your home while allowing you to maintain access to all the levels you need – a stair lift. At Eco Medical, we are experts in home mobility. We can help you choose the right stair lift for your home and are ready to answer all your questions. 

Which Stair lift is Right for My Home? 

There are two main types of stair lifts

  • Straight stair lifts 
  • Curved stair lifts 

If your home’s stairs go straight up and down with no turns or curves, a straight stair lift is the best choice for you. However, if you have a winding staircase or any curves along the stairs’ path, a curved staircase can be installed to accommodate the turns. Your stair lift solution can be customized to your home’s unique layout and provide a smooth, safe ride regardless of the path.  

Can I Install a Stair Lift Outdoors? 

Yes. If there are changes in elevation on the outside of your home, a stair lift can be installed. Outdoor stair lifts can be curved or straight and are ideal if you have outdoor walkways or a deck or patio that are at different levels from the ground.  

Can Stair Lifts Be Rented? 

Sometimes, patients only have a short-term need for a stair lift in their homes. For those times, you can rent a stair lift to be installed for as long as you need. Once you no longer have a need for your stair lift, it can be removed so that your home is back to its original state.  

How Long Does It Take to Install a Stair Lift? 

In most cases, installation can be completed in just a few hours. The first step of any installation is having a trained technician do an assessment and take measurements of your stairs. From there, the technician will determine what pieces will be required for installation. Once work begins, the stair lift will be installed and functional in a few hours.  

If you have any other questions about if a stair lift is right for your home, the staff at Eco Medical is ready to help. Please contact us to connect with our team of experts and get your home’s assessment process started.  

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Got Questions?

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