Published August 27, 2021

Top Self Care Tips for Those with Limited Mobility

Keeping up with self-care is important whether or not you have limited mobility in order to keep both your physical and mental health in check. Just because you have limited mobility does not mean that you have to stop doing things that you once loved. Below are some self-care tips that you can put into place to help with your physical and mental health.  


Just because you have limited mobility does not mean you are incapable of exercising and therefore cannot benefit from a healthy lifestyle. There is a plethora of exercises out there to cater to all abilities including chair exercises, lifting weights, yoga poses, and hydrotherapy classes. Resistance training and building muscles can help you stay mobile for longer. By exercising, your body will release endorphins which in return will boost your self-esteem and can relieve stress. Before you start exercising, however, it is a good idea to contact your doctor.  

Keep A Good Diet 

Treating yourself to a delicious meal every now and then is okay; however, it is important to keep a healthy diet for your overall health and wellbeing. To feel energized and maintain a healthy weight, it is key to drink plenty of water each day, eat lots of vegetables such as sweet potatoes, kale and broccoli since they are rich in nutrients, and include a lot of protein in your diet to keep you full longer. Meal plans might be a good idea for you if you are struggling to know what to eat each day to keep a balanced diet and are a great way to stick to your healthy lifestyle.  

Keep Learning 

Keeping your mind active is a key part of maintaining good health. Although some people look at learning as something they have to do, you can be learning new ideas without even realizing it such as trying out a new recipe or watching a new documentary. By learning new things, you can maintain your mental strength and motivation. So do not be scared to try new games, difficult puzzles or new hobbies.  

Stay Social 

It is normal for someone to feel lonely every now and then; however, if you have limited mobility, that might be heightened along with the feelings of being isolated and misunderstood especially if you are adjusting to your new life with limited mobility. Being lonely can bring a series of problems with it such as disrupted sleep, impaired cognitive health, stress and mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. If you often find yourself being lonely, then try to stay social. Hanging out or catching up with close family and friends regularly can reduce your feelings of being lonely. If you do not have any family or friends that are close enough to hang out with then you can try being part of a book club or other group that shares the same hobbies as you. We often just need people to listen to us, so having good family and friends behind you can help support you when you need someone to talk to.  

Continue to Travel and Get Outside 

Just because you have limited mobility does not mean that you have to stop traveling or even getting outside. Mobility scooters allow you to improve your quality of life as you can regain your freedom and go outside and enjoy nature. Mobility scooters will also allow you to access land and travel to places that you have not been before.  

Keeping up with self-care is important. Just because you have limited mobility does not mean that you have to stay inside and give up things that you once did. In order to have good mental and physical health, you need to practice good self-care tips. So go outside, travel to that new place, and exercise away – and if you need mobility assistance, reach out to the experts at EcoMedical

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