Published January 8, 2022

New Year, New Mobility Device: Top Wheelchairs for 2022

2022 is here and we have some amazing wheelchairs we want to share to enhance your or a loved one’s mobility! Each year, mobility and accessibility solutions continue to get better, and we want to be a part of that at Eco Medical. So, sit back and enjoy this blog sharing our top wheelchairs of 2022. 

Power Mobility 

Corpus Series 

Permobil offers different power mobility wheelchairs within the Corpus series. You have the F3 Corpus which offers a compact size for easy maneuverability and agility. Then there’s the F5 Corpus with even more speed, vibration reduction and enhanced stability allowing up to 45° of ActiveReach forward tilt functionality (the F3 is 30°). The M300 Corpus HD features a Climbing and Traction Link system for climbing obstacles and traversing various surfaces! 

Quickie Series 

Sunrise Medical has different Quickie power wheelchairs. The Quickie® S-646 electric wheelchairs are built tough for serious outdoor enthusiasts. Top speeds up to 8 mph, standard 4-pole motors and dynamic suspension overcome tough terrain while the hybrid base maneuvers gracefully indoors. Then there is the Quickie® QM-7 which is a reliable, high-performing and stylish power base with Spider Trac Suspension and Bluetooth. 

Q6 Edge Series 

Pride Mobility has the Q6 Edge and Q6 Edge Z. The Q6 Edge offers ATX suspension for active users with a complete range of seating and electronics options. The Q6 Edge Z has powerful motors for maximum torque and aggressive outdoor performance and precision indoor maneuverability. 

Pronto M94 

The Pronto M94 from Invacare is a heavy-duty power wheelchair with a 500-pound weight capacity and tight turning radius. Sharing the same footprint as the Pronto M91, the M94 has the desired maneuverability for comfortable indoor use without sacrificing rugged outdoor capabilities. 

Manual Mobility 


The most advanced pediatric tilt in space available today with over 500 color combinations is the Littlewave! We love this wheelchair from Ki Mobility as you get to choose any color at no extra charge. 

Ki Mobility 

For adults, Ki Mobility offers the Catalyst 4 which is an ultra-lightweight, folding wheelchair and comes with our largest selection of options to help with customization. They also offer the Tsunami which is even more lightweight at 11.2 lbs. and is 20% stiffer with a more responsive ride. 

Maple Leaf 

Maple Leaf Wheelchairs offer two great options! The Swift is heavy duty and has the versatility of both vertical and horizontal rear wheel adjustment. The NRG+ Gold is lightweight and has removable and adjustable arms as well as detachable, swing in/out footrests.  


Sunrise Medical offers multiple Quickie manual options! Breezy has an ultra-plush cushion and adjustable armrest, push handles and backrest as well as removable spoke wheels. The Breezy 600 is a feature-packed, high-strength lightweight wheelchair with numerous options to maximize function and access to your environment. Qxi is ultralight with rapid easy adjustments, durable and swing in/out footrests. And the Zippie GS is perfect for children and is designed to easily ‘grow’ with the child without the need for new parts.   

Not sure which one to choose? You can’t go wrong! Feel free to contact us for more information, so you can find the perfect solution for you or a loved one. 

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