Published March 5, 2022

Age Safely in Your Home with These Products

As you or your loved ones age, you may need to make a few small changes around your house in order to make sure that it is as safe and accessible as possible. Making these changes will decrease your chances of falling and therefore injuring yourself. If you are interested in learning about the products you can add to your home to help you age safely, continue reading.  

Add A Shower Bench 

By installing a shower bench or chair in your shower, you can help reduce the risk of falling and gain a sense of independence you are looking for as you age. Many benches are able to stand on their own inside your shower or tub; however, a transfer bench can add a little more stability as you are entering and exiting the shower.  

Light Stairs Properly 

Ideally, as you age, you will not have to walk up and down too many stairs. However, sometimes they are inevitable depending on your house layout. In this case, installing lights on your stairs is a smart choice. This allows you to see your stairs when it gets dark or if your eyesight is not the best.  

Invest in a Stair Lift 

If you are a little less mobile and stairs are becoming quite the task, but you still want to age in your home safely, then a stair lift is the choice for you. A stair lift provides a safe and easy way for you to be able to access different levels of your home without having to walk up and down the stairs. This drastically decreases the chances of falling on the stairs and therefore injuring yourself.  

Get a Ramp 

By adding a ramp to the front of your house, it will allow you to safely enter and exit without having to fear falling down the stairs. Adding a ramp is also a good idea if you are bound to a wheelchair as it will allow you access to your house as well.  

Install Grab Bars 

One of the easiest ways in which you can increase the safety of your home as you age is by installing grab bars. There are many areas of your house that can benefit from one including the stairs, bathroom and hallways. By adding a grab bar, it will provide you with more stability in the bath, shower, by the toilet or anywhere else you are needing stability.

By adding these few things to your house, you will be able to age in your home safely without needing too much help from others. By installing these small changes, it can give you and your loved one peace of mind. If you are interested in seeing what products we have to offer, you can check out our website or feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have.

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