Published March 19, 2022

Top Van Conversions to Get Around Safely

If you or a member of your family need mobility equipment to maintain your mobility and independence, you likely need to make some updates to your vehicle in order to accommodate your equipment. At Eco Medical, we carry an inventory of vans that have gone through a conversion process to accommodate mobility devices.  

2022 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Van Conversion 

This van allows your family to maintain accessibility without sacrificing fuel efficiency. The 2022 Toyota Sienna Hybrid can maintain up to 36 miles per gallon (city or highway) even after the conversion. Other key features for this van include: 

  • Extra-wide doorway 
  • 29.25” ramp with 9.5 degree angle for smooth entry and exits 
  • Touch screen display 
  • Plenty of space in the cabin to accommodate devices 

If you want to make sure that your van can not only tackle a variety of terrain while also accommodating heavier equipment, we recommend looking at the All-Wheel Drive (AWD) model. AWD models are built to perform well in a variety of weather and road conditions. More importantly, they also feature a reinforced chassis to support more weight inside the vehicle.  

When To Consider a Van Conversion 

It’s important to recognize that an accessibility conversion for a van can be expensive. These vans include several specialty features that are focused on meeting the needs of people with a disability. If you or a loved one has recently experienced a change in your life that impacts your mobility, it may be time to consider a conversion van. Please contact Eco Medical to speak with our experts about your options for van conversions and to learn more about our current inventory.  

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Got Questions?

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