Published August 31, 2022

Activities You Can Still Do With a Catheter

Living with a urinary catheter shouldn’t stop you from doing most of your usual day-to-day activities. Having a catheter can feel like it is going to change your entire life, but you can find a new normal and live a normal life with a catheter. Here are a few things that you are still able to do with a catheter that you may not know about.  

1. Exercise  

  • Exercising often is essential for physical and mental health and it is still possible for individuals with a catheter. Starting with minimal impact exercises at first is a great idea, doing things like walking, yoga, or lifting light weights are all great workouts to start with. It is important to safely secure your catheter while exercising to reduce the risk of it pulling out while you are exercising. 

2. Shower 

  • You are still able to shower while living with a catheter – it is often a better option than taking a bath, which puts you at risk for infections. It is important to use gentle soap while washing close to the catheter to reduce the risk of irritation. Take precautions to make sure the catheter remains in place.  

3. Travel 

  • Traveling can be easy and stress-free, even when traveling with a catheter. Planning this trip with your new catheter may look different than planning trips in the past, but it is possible. It is important to plan and contact the airline ahead of time to ensure that you understand what the guidelines and procedures are. It is also important to pack extra supplies and products so that you do not run out of supplies while traveling.  

4. Swim 

  • Yes, you can swim with a catheter! With the right accessories, you can jump right in. Just be sure that you are fully healed and only swim in clean water to avoid infection. 

Speak With Your Doctor If: 

As always, do be sure to have clean hands when handling your catheter and always speak to your doctor if you experience: 

  • Fever 
  • Buring sensation 
  • Pain in your abdomen or near the catheter  
  • Frequent urination 

You can still enjoy your life even after having a catheter placed. Spending time with friends and family, exercising and traveling are all things you can still enjoy while living with a catheter. If you don’t see a catheter or accessory on our site you’re looking for, contact us today so we can help! 

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