Published April 9, 2022

Spring Mobility Scooter Tips and FAQs

As the long winter months finally give way to spring, you’re probably anxious to get out of the house and either explore your community or start traveling. If you or a loved one require the use of a mobility scooter, you have some extra things to consider before taking your scooter out for the spring season. Eco Medical is here to make sure your scooter is ready to tackle the warm weather so you can take it with you on the go. 

Mobility Scooter Spring Maintenance Checklist 

Spring is a great time to do a maintenance cycle for your mobility scooter, especially if you haven’t been using it throughout the winter months. Be sure to do the following before using your scooter this spring: 

  • Check the battery and make sure it is fully charged and can hold a charge 
  • Inspect the tires for any issues and inflate them to the proper levels 
  • Check for any rips in your upholstery  
  • Raise and lower the armrests to make sure you can set them to your desired height 
  • Test the steering and/or joystick to make sure the scooter responds as it should  

Mobility Scooter Spring FAQs 

What Mobility Scooter Components Break Down in the Winter? 

Your mobility scooter’s motor and steering are the most likely components to be affected if you’ve used them during the winter. Your motor may have been forced to drive through harsher conditions, while constant changes in levels can cause your steering to be misaligned.  

How Should I Test My Mobility Scooter’s Operations? 

The best way to test your scooter is to set up a test area with enough space to maneuver your scooter, either in your garage or outside your home. You should test: 

  • How your scooter reacts to your steering commands 
  • If you can get your scooter up to the desired speed without straining the motor 
  • The comfort features of your scooter, including the arm and footrests 

If you notice any issues after testing your mobility scooter this spring, Eco Medical’s technicians can assist you with repairs. Please contact us to speak with our team and learn more.

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Got Questions?

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