Published August 17, 2020

How to Alter Your Workout Plan as You Age

Working out is beneficial at any age, but what’s important is what workouts you’re doing, how you’re preparing for them and how you’re making changes as you age. As you get older, your body and the way it works is constantly changing. This change in your body calls for some alterations in your workout routine! Continue reading to learn about why it’s important to switch it up, exercise ideas, injury prevention and more.  

Why Are Alterations Important? 

Your body doesn’t work the way it did in your 20s, 30s, 40s and so forth. It’s important to alter your workouts because you need to be adjusting to the changes occurring. You’re also more prone to injury as you get older, so altering your activity levels will prevent you from getting hurt. Instead of looking at the changes in a negative way, remind yourself of all your body is capable of and exactly why these changes occur. It’s common to be harder on yourself and your health as you age but slowing down and adjusting your normal routine is vital for your overall health. 

What Are Low-Impact Workouts? 

Low-impact workouts put less pressure or impact on your joints. These kinds of exercises are important as you age because they keep you strong and active while still staying safe and protecting your body. The following are some examples of low-impact workouts you can try: 

Indoor Cycling 

Rather than running, riding a bike on trails or being on your feet, cycling allows you to get your heart pumping while going easy on your joints. If you struggle with knee or hip pain, this is a great exercise to try as there is less pressure on your lower body. Try a cycling class, follow along with a video or create your own cycling routine. 


Yoga is far more than just stretching. You’re improving your balance, building a strong core, increasing flexibility and increasing overall strength and control. One great part about yoga is that there are various levels of intensity. You can try difficult yoga, like Ashtanga, or beginner-level yoga, like Anusara.  


This is the perfect exercise for someone wanting to stay active but also to avoid a painful post-workout recovery process. You can adjust it each day by changing the distance, walking slower or faster, walking up and down inclines and more. Even walking for 30 minutes a day can have a huge impact on your heart and lung health. 

How Can I Prevent Injury? 

Preventing injury is key and adjusting your workout routine is one way you can help with this. More ways to avoid getting hurt include: 

  • Stretching before each workout 
  • Doing a cool down stretch after each workout 
  • Listening to your body and not pushing it too far 
  • Using the correct exercise technique 
  • Easing into a new or more difficult workout 

There’s no shame in needing to recreate your workout routine to better suit your changing body. Trying low-impact workouts is a great way to remain active, get your heart pumping each day and feel accomplished without damaging your joints. Be sure to check out our safety and assistive products, like grab barsreachersbed railings and more so you can continue working out while staying safe around the house. Contact us with any questions about what we offer! 

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