Published October 5, 2020

How Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Mobility

October is National Physical Therapy Month! In honor of this observance, we’re taking time to draw attention to the many benefits of physical therapy and specifically how it can be an aid to your mobility. It’s no secret that getting around can become more difficult as you age and falls, surgeries and injuries also become more common. Keep reading to learn how physical therapy can make a positive difference in your aging process. 

About National Physical Therapy Month 

Before we jump into the specifics, let’s talk about why we observe National PT Month. The main reason for this observance is to simply shed light on how beneficial PT is to individuals of any age. The goal of Physical Therapists is to help their patients achieve their physical activity goals and improve their overall quality of life. Most people don’t get near as much physical activity as they should, and physical therapists help those individuals change that. 

Possible Improvements 

If you find yourself wanting to improve any of the following items, physical therapy might be your answer: 

  • Range of motion 
  • Balance 
  • Strength 
  • Coordination 
  • Endurance 
  • Overall extremity function 

Reasons for Physical Therapy 

When people think of PT, they often associate it with athletes who are recovering from an injury. While that is a big part of the job, there are countless other reasons why PT can be beneficial, especially for seniors.  

  • Lowering fall risks: Physical Therapists can teach seniors helpful techniques so they can avoid falling. 
  • Avoiding re-injury: If a senior has fallen before and is recovering, PT can help their healing process as well as teach them how to prevent re-injury. 
  • Alleviating pain: Pain from chronic conditions, like arthritis, can be managed and alleviated better when PT is used. 
  • Weaning off prescription drugs: PT is often more cost-effective than continuously taking prescription drugs to manage pain for chronic conditions. 
  • Staying independent: If seniors are staying active and mobile through PT, they’re able to live a healthier and more independent lifestyle. 

Other Helpful Hints 

Along with physical therapy, another great way to improve stability and aid in the healing process is to use a mobility device. Getting assistance from a canewalkermanual wheelchairpower wheelchair or other device will allow your body to heal properly and not rush into putting weight on injured areas. Not only will pairing one of these products with physical therapy provide you with the ideal healing process, but it allows you to be more independent. Rather than relying on constant help from others, you can use an assistive device to stay mobile in a safe way. 

Whether you’re recovering from a fall, want to reduce chronic pain or simply are looking for ways to be more mobile and active, physical therapy is always a good idea. To celebrate National PT Month, take these benefits into consideration and find out how PT can help you! Feel free to contact us with questions or to learn about the assistive devices we offer to assist you through your healing process safely. 

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