Published February 19, 2021

Top Tips on Choosing Your Residential Elevator

Adding a residential elevator to your living space is a big step and the process of choosing which is best for you may seem complicated. We’re here to ease your worries by giving you our top tips on making that decision. 

Determine Your Style 

Just like other home medical equipment products, you want your residential elevator to fit into your home nicely. The good news is that there are various customizable features on the inside, so you must figure out what style you’re going for. You can determine the look of the walls, flooring and ceiling and can even pick which light fixtures and control panels you like. 

Know the Location 

Where is the elevator going? Once you pick a spot in your home and know exactly where it’ll be installed, you’ll be able to make other big decisions easier. Deciding on the location is a critical step in the process as you want it to be as convenient as possible while still saving space. Our specialists will assist you in making this determination. Some common location choices include: 

  • From the garage to the living room 
  • From the living room to the hallway upstairs near your bedroom 
  • In place of an existing stairway 
  • Starting in the entryway of the house 
  • The whole home: Basement to garage to main to upstairs 

Choose Your Priorities 

There are pros and cons to each elevator type. Some are more energy-efficient than others, some are easier to assemble than others, some are designed for smaller spaces… the list goes on. Pick what your priorities are and find an elevator that meets those specific needs. For example, if your top priority is having something that is quiet while in use, this residential elevator is ideal for you. 

Understand Your Budget 

Just like any big purchase, you likely have a certain price you want to stay under. Something to keep in mind when choosing which elevator to install is how much you’re willing to spend. Having a residential elevator installed can be a value-added investment, so it’s important to understand how that purchase fits into your budget. 

Ask Questions 

You’re not meant to make this purchase decision on your own! If you have questions about price, style, options and more, contact us and we’d be happy to help. Give us a call or send us a message and we’ll help you out with any questions you may have. 

Installing a residential elevator is a great investment for you and your loved ones. To see what we have to offer, visit our online catalog to get started!

Got Questions
Got Questions?

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