Published July 6, 2022

Pros of Owning a Porch Lift

As we are in the midst of porch season, we wanted to inform our readers how efficient and convenient a porch lift is. These lifts are an ideal way for people with limited mobility to gain access to elevated surfaces like porches and decks. Whether you or your loved one is in a wheelchair, power chair, or other mobility device, porch lifts are a great solution. Keep reading to learn five pros of owning a porch lift and a model we highly recommend.

Less Space Than a Ramp

If you are undecided whether you need a lift or a ramp, take into consideration that a ramp gets bigger with every inch you need to reach the porch. On the other hand, a porch lift only requires a 5’ by 7’ area regardless of the vertical rise. Simple and Safe While there are always safety concerns with moving platforms, a porch lift can be accessed independently, without the help of a caregiver. As long as the user can hold down a lever or button, they are able to use the lift by themselves.

Works in All Weather Conditions

Porch lifts are designed to work in all weather conditions and seasons. If you live in an area where cold weather is frequent, it might be a good idea to purchase a cold weather package for your porch lift. It is also important to make sure there isn’t any ice, snow, or leaves on the lift.

Requires Little Maintenance

Like a car or any other large machine, a porch lift should be maintenanced annually. Don’t wait for something to break to get it checked out as that can become very expensive.

Won’t Change the Interior of Your Home

Unlike a stair lift, a porch lift won’t affect the interior of your home. There is no renovation that must be done inside your home to make room for the porch lift since it will be outside your home. The biggest decision you will make is where the porch lift will be located outside your home.

At Eco Medical, we are proud to offer the Trus-T-Lift™ 750, a soft touch paddle control porch lift that makes it easy to know which lever to activate and requires low effort as well. All drive components are at the top of the lift tower so there is a lower chance of damage during severe weather as long as the platform is in an elevated position. If you have any questions regarding this porch lift or any others we have to offer, please contact us.

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