Published May 14, 2021

FAQs About Home Hospital Beds

If you’re considering investing in a home hospital bed but have a few questions before making it official, you’re in the right place. We’re here to answer some of the frequently asked questions about home hospital beds so you can be confident in your decision before you decide to make the purchase. 

How Is Having a Home Hospital Bed Beneficial? 

Hospital beds can be adjusted to various heights depending on your preference, with no dangerous middle gap. They’re built to be sturdier than regular beds with the ability to withstand heavy weight while still maintaining a quiet, smooth operation. Other benefits include: 

  • Easy and safe transfers 
  • Adjustable to reduce aches and pains 
  • Stay in the home you love 
  • Designed and crafted to be safe 
  • Makes recovery easier 

What’s a Normal Size for a Hospital Bed? 

A standard hospital bed measures 36 inches in width and 80 inches in length. Some beds such as Drive Medical’s Prime Plus Bed are built to be fully expandable to accommodate someone who may need a wider bed. Specifically, this bed expands from 39″ to 54″ in width and 80″ to 88″ in length. It also has a weight capacity of 1000lbs. How wide and tall you want your bed is up to you! 

How Do I Know Which Bed is Right for Me? 

The first step in picking a home hospital bed is deciding if you want a semi-electric or full-electric bed. These two-bed types are described below. After that, you should consider what length and width you desire. After narrowing it down, it’s time to figure out the smaller details like what warranty you want on the bed and what style of headboard it comes with. 

What’s a Semi-Electric Bed

A semi-electric bed allows for the head and foot to be raised and lowered electronically by using a remote controller. However, the bed itself must be adjusted manually using a crank. This type of bed requires a little bit more physical work for caretakers. 

What’s a Full-Electric Bed

On the other hand, full-electric beds are raised and lowered electronically for both the head, foot and bed itself. No manual adjustments are required as everything can be adjusted using the remote controller. This makes the job easier on caregivers and can even make life easier for the individual using the bed. 

Didn’t get your question answered? Don’t worry – we’re happy to discuss any further questions that you have left. Feel free to contact us, and don’t forget to visit our online catalog to check out the home hospital beds we offer. 

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