Published June 11, 2022

A Compression Wear Buyers Guide

Here at Eco Medical, we offer a variety of different types of compression garments. Compression garments are great for people who sit, stand or exercise for prolonged periods of time, pregnant women, and even in the summer when swelling occurs more frequently due to heat. Compression products help the blood flow by gently squeezing the legs and arms preventing the feeling of burning and itching varicose veins. They also help to energize your legs and arms, decrease the risk of blood clots and to lessen swelling, tiredness and aching feelings. Keep reading to find out what compression garments are right for you! 

Calf Knee 

Often doctors will recommend knee-high compression socks to treat varicose veins. They are also ideal for treating edema or swelling of the lower legs. Below the knee stocking are also great for DVT. They are also often recommended after surgeries to keep the blood flowing properly in your legs.  

Thigh High 

Thigh-high compression garments are a type of garment that allows for circulation up and down the entire leg rather than just the calf area. These can be used when recovering from surgery or when you have limited mobility. They are great if you experience any swelling above the knee as a shorter stocking wouldn’t be able to cover that area. Thigh-high stockings are usually more comfortable than full pantyhose as there is not a waistband cutting into the middle of your waist. This also makes them much easier to take on and off for the user. 


These are not to be confused with regular pantyhose which is a common accessory in women’s clothing. Compression pantyhose can come in a variety of sizes, lengths, colors and compression strengths. Compression pantyhose ensures that you are getting the benefits of compression and improved circulation throughout your whole leg. This is important for people recovering from surgery or limited mobility. 


Sport compression socks are great for long-distance runners and triathletes, but more and more athletes are finding them useful. Some athletes use them to aid in recovery, some use them to improve performance. The socks help to improve blood flow during physical activity to in turn, give them a better performance. 


Compression sleeves for the arms serve the same purpose as leg compression garments. They help to improve blood circulation to reduce swelling and strengthen muscles, ligaments and tendons to avoid another injury. Arm sleeves are also very beneficial to women who have recently had a mastectomy. The sleeves enhance blood flow to the surgical site, aid in the healing process and improve lymphatic draining. 

Open Toe

Open toe compression stockings are like calf knee stockings, they just leave your toes free from the fabric. These are great for people who enjoy wearing sandals or flip-flops. They’re ideal for people with large shoe sizes, sensitive toes, people with ingrown toenails, bunions or open sores, or people who want comfort without cramped toes. 

Here at Eco Medical, we can help you find the right compression garment for you. Contact us today or fill out our compression garment questionnaire today! 

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