Xpresso Series

Xpresso Series

The Xpresso Series is the strongest and most stable center folding walker on the market, with a stylish Roman arch feature for enhanced support and stability.



The Xpresso Series is a top-of-the-line center folding walker that boasts exceptional strength and stability. With its innovative design and exceptional features, this walker is a must-have for anyone who requires assistance with mobility.

Weight Seat Height Seat Width Width x Length Handle Height Weight Capacity
Xpresso Mini 18 lbs 18” 18” 22.5” x 26” 30.5” – 33.5” 300lbs
Xpresso Regular 18 lbs 21” 18” 22.5” x 26” 30.5” – 34.5” 300lbs
Xpresso Tall 18 lbs 24” 18” 22.5” x 26” 33.5” – 40” 350lbs

Additional information

Width between handles


Overall Width


Seat Sizes

18" x 9"

Weight Capacity

300 lbs

Product Weight

15 lbs


  • Innovative Design: Features a stylish Roman arch for enhanced support and stability.
  • X Style Center Folding Design: Easy to fold, store and transport.
  • Built-in Padded Seat Cushion: Waterproof polyurethane seat cushion for comfort.
  • Cable-Free Brakes: Easy to adjust and maintain.
  • Durable Wheels: 8” extra-wide polyurethane tires with good traction.
  • Rubber Hand Grips: Comfortable and form-fitting for a secure grip.
  • Collapsible Basket: Removable and foldable for added convenience.
  • Slow Down Brake: Can be added quickly and easily.
  • Colors: Ruby Red, Azure Blue, Chrome Silver, Ebony Black.



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