VMI Northstar for Hybrid Toyota Sienna AWD

VMI Northstar for Hybrid Toyota Sienna AWD

The VMI TA WD127 is a 2023 Sienna XSE AWD Hybrid model that has been converted into an accessible vehicle by VMI with their Northstar Power side in-floor ramp. This vehicle has only 30km mileage and features a red exterior color with a grey interior, making it a perfect combination of accessibility and luxury.


Looking for a wheelchair accessible vehicle that is both functional and stylish? Look no further than the VMI TA WD127. This 2023 Sienna XSE AWD Hybrid model has been converted by VMI with their Northstar Power side in-floor ramp, making it easy and effortless for wheelchair users to enter and exit the vehicle. With only 30km mileage, this vehicle is practically brand new and comes in a stunning red exterior color with a comfortable and spacious grey interior.

The VMI Northstar conversion is specially engineered to provide easy and automatic side entry with an in-floor ramp, which can be operated with the push of a button. This allows wheelchair users to travel with ease and confidence, knowing that they have full access to the vehicle. The ramp is designed to provide a safe and smooth entry and exit, ensuring that users can travel comfortably and safely.

In addition to its accessibility features, the VMI TA WD127 also comes with all the luxury and comfort features of the Sienna XSE AWD Hybrid model. This includes advanced technology features, spacious seating, and ample cargo space, making it an ideal vehicle for both personal and business use. Overall, the VMI TA WD127 is a perfect combination of accessibility, luxury, and functionality, making it an excellent choice for anyone in need of mobility assistance.

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VMI Northstar

Entry and Exit Styles Available

In-floor, Side


  • Lowered floor for easy access
  • Removable front seats for wheelchair user to sit in the driver or front passenger position
  • Built-in manual securement pockets for wheelchair tie-downs
  • Rubberized easy-clean floor for durability and easy maintenance
  • Power in-floor ramp for effortless entry and exit
  • Power kneeling suspension for smooth ramp angle and improved ride quality
  • Sure deploy emergency backup system for added safety
  • Vehicle parking alert system for enhanced awareness
  • Wireless remote operation for convenient ramp and door control
  • Multiple switch locations onboard for flexible operation.


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