Maxi Sky 440

Maxi Sky 440

The Arjo Maxi Sky 440 is a ceiling lift system designed to safely and comfortably transfer patients in a variety of healthcare settings.


The Maxi Sky 440 is a versatile ceiling lift system that can be configured to suit a wide range of patient handling requirements. It is designed to provide safe and comfortable transfers for patients with minimal physical exertion for caregivers. The lift system can be used with a range of sling types, and offers a variety of weight capacities and lift ranges to accommodate patients of different sizes and mobility levels.

Additional information

Lifting Capacity

200 kg, 440 lb

Lifting Speed

4.3 cm/sec

Lifter weight

14 lb, 6,35 kg

Strap Length

2200 mm, 88 in

Hand control protection class


Battery Charger Input

100-240 Vac, 24 Va, 50-60 Hz

Emergency stopping device (pull cord) accessible from the ground


Manual emergency lowering device



  • Ergonomic and intuitive hand control
  • Battery-powered operation with convenient charging system
  • Multiple lift range options to accommodate different ceiling heights
  • Multiple weight capacity options up to 1000 lbs (454 kg)
  • Compatible with a range of sling types for patient comfort
  • Emergency stop and lowering functions for added safety



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