LTC 4000 Ultra 55 Mattress

LTC 4000 Ultra 55 Mattress


For Pressure Redistribution, Longevity and Greater Weight Capacity. Firm viscoelastic foam plus a high resiliency transitional layer with full height transfer borders ensure stability during transfers and when performing ADL’s. Helps prevent entrapment between mattress and bedside rails. 2” medium-plush viscoelastic foam comfort layer plus 2” high resiliency transitional layer. Strong balance of pressure redistribution, temperature control, and non-allergenic properties. Aids those with skin and tissue sensitivity, providing comfort and dissipation of heat. Ideal for patients with heat and pressure sensitivity, and for those with sleep hyperhidrosis that require breathable pressure redistribution

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Standard Size

80” x 6”

Custom Widths

36", 39”, 48”, 54”, 60”

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