Hatch All-Purpose Padded Mesh Wheelchair Gloves

Hatch All-Purpose Padded Mesh Wheelchair Gloves

The Hatch All-Purpose Padded Mesh Wheelchair Gloves are designed to provide comfort, protection, and grip for wheelchair users. With their padded palms, breathable mesh construction, and secure closure, these gloves offer a reliable and comfortable grip during wheelchair propulsion.


Introducing the Hatch All-Purpose Padded Mesh Wheelchair Gloves, a versatile and reliable accessory for wheelchair users seeking comfort and grip. These gloves are specifically designed to enhance your wheelchair propulsion experience by providing cushioning, protection, and breathability.

The gloves feature padded palms that help reduce pressure and minimize discomfort during wheelchair propulsion. The padding absorbs impact and vibrations, allowing for a more comfortable and smooth ride. The palm padding also enhances grip, providing better control and preventing slippage.

The breathable mesh construction of the gloves promotes airflow, keeping your hands cool and dry during extended use. This feature helps prevent excessive sweating and discomfort, allowing for a more pleasant wheelchair experience. The mesh material is lightweight and durable, ensuring long-lasting performance.

The Hatch All-Purpose Wheelchair Gloves are equipped with a secure closure system, typically a hook-and-loop strap, that ensures a snug and adjustable fit. This closure mechanism helps maintain glove positioning and prevents unwanted movement, giving you added stability and control.

These gloves are suitable for a variety of wheelchair activities, including daily use, sports, and recreational pursuits. They are designed to withstand regular use and provide the necessary support and protection for your hands during wheelchair propulsion.

With the Hatch All-Purpose Padded Mesh Wheelchair Gloves, you can experience improved comfort, grip, and protection while propelling your wheelchair. Enjoy the benefits of padded palms, breathable mesh, and a secure fit to enhance your overall wheelchair experience.

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Large, Medium, Small, X-Large


  • Padded palms for cushioning and impact absorption
  • Breathable mesh construction for ventilation and moisture management
  • Enhanced grip for better control and preventing slippage
  • Lightweight and durable material for long-lasting performance
  • Secure closure system for a snug and adjustable fit
  • Suitable for daily use, sports, and recreational wheelchair activities
  • Provides comfort, protection, and grip for wheelchair users
  • Enhances wheelchair propulsion experience
  • Promotes airflow to keep hands cool and dry
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