Designed for comfort and pressure management. High resilient Vitalux cubed foam surface increases contact area for reduced peak pressure points and the prevention of skin breakdown.

The LTC 3500 “Active Care” is designed for long-term care, hospital and home care environments.
LTC 4000 Ultra 55 Mattress For Pressure Redistribution, The LTC “Ultra” Bariatric mattress helps those with a heavier stature achieve maximum comfort.

Foam and Ait Mattresses for the maintenance of skin health; the prevention and treatment of stage I-II, redness or superficial skin wounds and for the prevention and treatment of stage I-IV pressure ulcers.

The DermaFloat® LR is a unique, continuous bilateral rotation mattress replacement system. The Dolphin Fluid Immersion Simulation is designed to provide pressure redistribution by simulating the effects of a body immersed in a fluid medium.

Invacare mattress provide comfort and support with built-in side supports and dual layer "fortress" cut foam. The High-density foam mattress with a gliding layer designed to help improve clinical outcomes.

Roho mattresses are been designed so a patient can comfortably lie or sit for long periods of time without the fear of compromised blood flow and the resulting effect of tissue damage/breakdown.