Vita 2 Mattress

Vita 2 Mattress

The Vita 2 Mattress is a pressure redistribution mattress designed to provide comfort and support to patients who spend extended periods in bed. Its multi-layered foam construction distributes pressure evenly and reduces the risk of pressure ulcers.


The Vita 2 Mattress is an essential tool for anyone who requires long-term bedrest. The multi-layered foam construction redistributes pressure, providing the necessary support for comfortable sleeping and reducing the risk of pressure ulcers. The Vita 2 Mattress is designed to work with most hospital beds and can be used in both home and professional care settings.

Additional information

Standard Size

6” x 36” x 80”

Weight Capacity

250 – 300lbs


  • Pressure redistribution to prevent pressure ulcers
  • Multi-layered foam construction for comfort and support
  • Water-resistant, vapor-permeable cover
  • Anti-microbial cover material for infection control
  • Zippered cover for easy removal and cleaning
  • Non-slip bottom to keep mattress in place
  • Fire-retardant cover material for safety



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