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Top Tips to Stay Safe in Your Bathroom

Top Tips to Stay Safe in Your Bathroom

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – your bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house. No matter what age, there are plenty of hazards and factors within that small room that create a more dangerous environment. Whether you are aging in place or looking for tips for mom and dad, we wanted to provide some simple solutions to make your bathroom safer to use. 

Add Shower Chair or Bench

Standing in a slippery tub or shower can result in a fall. A shower chair or bench allows the user to shower without getting off balance, tiring or slipping. Even recovering from an injury or surgery is a good reason to get one! 

Utilize Lighting

You don’t need to rewire the bathroom but there are plenty of lighting solutions to make the room brighter! Wall-mounted and battery-operated LED light strips, nightlight plug ins, and plug in wall-mounted lamps all provide a brighter room during the day and night to reduce the trips and slips that can happen on a poorly lit path. 

Install Grab Bars

You may reach for the towel bar when getting out of the tub, but that will not support weight for long and can lead to a serious injury. Grab bars don’t have to be big and stand out like they used to. There are plenty of options now with various features including a sleeker look, various color options, towel rack included and so on! Check out this white grab bar or this chrome option. 

Don’t Forget Your Toilet 

There are so many solutions to a low toilet seat – you can add a raised toilet seat to allow easier sitting and standing (even after a knee or hip surgery, a higher toilet seat can be your best friend). There is a clamp-on option or this everyday raised toilet seat. You can also just add a safety frame to allow for support when sitting and standing if you don’t need the raised toilet seat. 

Remove Rugs 

Your cozy, soft rug probably isn’t the safest thing to be stepping or walking on. Making sure you have a non-slip mat will allow less of a tripping hazard when getting out of the shower or walking through the bathroom. 

Growing older or having surgery does not mean you or your loved one needs to give up independence! With so many simple solutions and helpful products, you can continue to stay safe and comfortable within your own home. 


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