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Tips on Choosing the Best Power Wheelchair for You

Tips on Choosing the Best Power Wheelchair for You

It’s estimated that nearly 300,000 Canadians use a wheelchair or mobility device, roughly 42,000 of those being power wheelchairs. Truth be told, the need for power wheelchairs continues to grow as manual wheelchair users gain interest and need something easier to navigate. Whether you’re searching for a power wheelchair for yourself or a loved one, we’re here with some tips on how to choose the best chair to fit your needs.  

When choosing a power wheelchair, you’ll first want to ask yourself some questions:  

  1. Will you be a full-time or part-time power chair user? 
  2. Where do you plan on using your electric chair? 
  3. How much weight capacity does it need to hold? 
  4. Does your insurance cover any part of the chair? 
  5. Does the chair need the ability to fold? 
  6. Do you have a certain style you’re wanting? 

If you know the answers to these questions, deciding what power chair you need will be fairly easy! Here are some tips to consider when making the big purchase to live a more independent life.  

Type of Chair  

Power chairs come in many styles and sizes. Oftentimes, a certified fitter will help size you to the correct chair. But you will be able to figure out which type of chair you need based on your needs and sizing. There are bariatric chairs, pediatric chairs, slim chairs and so much more to choose from. 

Drive Train  

Knowing where you are going to be driving your power chair will help you decide what drive train you will need. Typically, these are your options:  

  • Front wheel drive  
  • Mid wheel drive  
  • Rear wheel drive  

Seating & Positioning 

While most users spend a lot of time, if not all of the time in their power chair, seating and positioning play a huge role in what chair you decide on. The rider will be properly measured and fitted to ensure that the correct cushions, gel contouring foams and other padding and positioning are accurately placed on the chair. This is vital to know while making the final decision. 

If you need help choosing your power wheelchair beyond these tips, don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff to help with fitting and finding the perfect chair for your needs. We look forward to working with you!   


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