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The Top 3 Modifications for a Safer Home

The Top 3 Modifications for a Safer Home

Not only has COVID-19 caused a decline in public outings in general, but it also has led more elderly individuals to age in the comfort of his or her own house rather than moving to a retirement home. If you're included in this aging-in-place population, we’re here to remind you of the importance of making your home as safe as possible to avoid home injuries. The following three items are great safety modifications to add to your home: 


1. Stairlifts 

Getting up and down the stairs is one obstacle many seniors face while living at home. Whether you have a hard time due to weakened muscles, injury recovery, lack of stability or other reasons, stairlifts can provide you with a safe and simple way to get from one floor to the next. 


  • Provides a safer way to get up and down the stairs 

  • Simple to operate for easy mobility 

  • Smooth and comfortable ride 

  • Not as costly as moving to a single-story home 

  • Increases your overall independence 

Popular Options: 

  • Elan Stairlift: This stairlift is the most popular of the Bruno brand and comes with a low-profile rail design leaving lots of extra room for others.  

  • Elite Curved Stairlift: Custom built to precisely fit your home, the Elite Curved stairlift curves to match the shape of your stairwell. 

  • Pinnacle Premium Stairlift: This is the slimmest and most light-weight stairlift on the market, taking up only 10.5” of width when folded! 


2. Home Elevators 

Home elevators are ideal for wheelchair-bound individuals or those with limited mobility who need assistance getting from one floor to another.  


  • Smaller footprint than a standard stairwell saving you space in your home 

  • Perfect for progressive disabilities 

  • Allow you to carry heavy boxes, groceries, etc. from one floor to the next with ease 

  • It may increase your property value when the time comes to sell your home 

Popular Option: 

  • Stratus Home Elevator: This is tailored specifically for those looking for an economical yet elegant home elevator. 


3. Porch/Platform Lifts 

Your indoor stairwell isn’t the only tricky obstacle – getting up the stairs on your porch can be a challenge, too. Platform lifts can help you get to the front door smoothly and, most importantly, safely. Not only will we supply and install your porch lift, but we can also modify your concrete pad with no outside contractors! 


  • Don’t worry about transferring in and out of your wheelchair – simply roll your chair onto the platform to be lifted up 

  • An excellent solution for front drive garages 

  • You’re able to remain independent inside and outside of the home 

  • Platform lifts are very stable and can make you feel confident and secure as you are being lifted up 

Buying Options: 

  • Trus-T-Lift 750: The paddle controls make operation simple and requires minimal effort, plus there are a variety of customization options to make it fit what you’re looking for. 

  • IL500 Sierra Incline Platform Lift: If your porch has a straight stairway, this lightweight platform lift is perfect for your transport needs. 


Investing in just one of these modifications can make a major difference in the way you go about your daily life at home. Our main priority is providing products to keep you safe, and that’s exactly what these three modifications will do. Contact us with any questions! 


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