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Residential Elevators That Fit Your Home

Residential Elevators That Fit Your Home

Whether you are an elderly person who wants to maintain their independence in their own home, someone who is starting to lose some of their mobility or have a child that has a disability and cannot walk up the stairs, an in-home elevator could be the right choice for you. However, choosing the right home elevator might be a challenging task. Here at ECO, we offer two different elevator types to help you make your home more accessible.  

RAM Crystal 

The RAM Crystal will give you the ultimate home experience as it has the best performance and style with nearly every feature able to be tailored to your needs and home. The RAM Crystal is completely customizable including the size, doors, car finishes and even the lighting. There are some key features of this home elevator that might be just the push you need to get it – this includes a field-driven counterweight electronic drive that is reliable, powerful and quiet. Also, there is no hydraulic fluid which means there are no harsh smells in your home. Another notable feature of the RAM Crystal is that while other elevators may need a separate room for any of the essential machinery, this elevator is compact which will save you space, time and money.  

RAM Stratus 

With the Stratus, the era of complex and expensive home elevators is over. The Stratus is surpassing the average home elevator with its high-value performance without cutting corners. It is available in three standard formats and designed to travel between two floors, which significantly reduces the time and cost. One notable feature of the RAM Stratus home elevator is that it has advanced engineered polymers on all its guiding surfaces. This, in turn, allows you to have smooth and quiet rides for years without having to use grease.  

Choosing the right home elevator for you or your loved one can be a challenging task, but our team is here to come and do a no cost/no commitment home assessment of your current and future needs to come up with a solution or series of solutions that is right. If you want to learn more, you can visit our website or contact us.  


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