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How to Stay Mobile During a Global Pandemic

How to Stay Mobile During a Global Pandemic

With COVID19 completely changing today’s world and the way we live; your mobility is one of the many things that may have been impacted in your life. This is especially true for seniors because of the higher risk or because many mobility options, like walking around the mall or going to the local gym, may be temporarily closed. Continue reading to find out ways you or your aging loved one can stay mobile while also staying safe.

At-Home Workouts

Doing an at-home workout is as simple as following along with a 10-minute YouTube video. One great benefit of modern technology is that you can pick and choose your video depending on which part of the body you want to focus on each day as well as alter the intensity and length of the workout as desired. For example, you can opt for equipment-based workouts if you have products like exercise bands or dumbbells, but equipment-free workouts if you don’t. 

A Simple Daily Walk 

Whether you have enough strength to walk independently or need some assistance, taking a short walk around each day can bring about major benefits. As you age, you may become more unsteady or need extra support as you stay mobile. The following are some assistive devices to consider bringing with you on the walk for safety: 

House Activities 

Chores around the house can be even more productive when you think of them as a mobility enhancer. Whether you’re deep cleaning, cooking, gardening, taking the dogs out or more, there’s some level of activity involved. Take time out of each day to incorporate some sort of household activity that involves body movement. To make household activities even easier, check out these daily living aids


Not only is yoga a great strength workout, but it also is great for relaxation and mental health purposes. Similarly, to at-home workouts, you can easily find yoga videos online to follow along with. The different videos or online classes can focus on different areas of the body depending on what you want to strengthen or stretch out. 

Explore Your Neighborhood 

You may be surprised to see what you unknowingly overlook as you drive around. Make the most of this strange time by exploring the neighborhood you live in. Find new routes that are less crowded and spend time discovering new things about the place you live in. If you choose to try this activity on foot, it may require some assistance for older people with limited mobility, which is why mobility products like walkers and wheelchairs are so important to have for any situation! 

Although this pandemic has completely reversed most individuals’ plans, there are ways to continue being active at home or around the house. By trying new things and discovering additional hobbies while you’re stuck at home, you’ll be able to make the most of your aging process. Be sure to contact us to learn more about the services we offer. 


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