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Everything You Need to Know About the Residential Stratus Elevator

Everything You Need to Know About the Residential Stratus Elevator

Are you looking for more accessibility in your home? The Residential Stratus Elevator is the perfect elevator for private residence and indoor use. We are going to share with you everything you need to know about this elevator so you can know if it is the right option for you!  

What is the Residential Stratus Elevator?  

  • The Residential Stratus Elevator is available in 3 different sizes and is designed for travel of two floors – making it perfect for a home! Installation times and costs are significantly lower because of this! If you are looking for a reliable and comfortable elevator for your home, this is the right choice for you.  

Residential Stratus Features 

Multiple Finish Options 

  • When you choose to purchase and install the Residential Stratus Elevator you will be given multiple finish options and door styles so your elevator will complement your home.  

Soft Start/Stop 

  • The Residential Stratus Elevator provides a comfortable ride from beginning to end each time the elevator is used! It is specifically designed and engineered with comfortability in mind.  


  • Machine Room Less (MRL) Design allows for extra space and doesn’t require an extra room for machinery. This compact design will save you time, money and space. 

Engineered Polymers  

  • Engineered Polymers remove the need for grease. The Residential Stratus Elevator is designed for a smoother ride, and it is quiet on all guiding surfaces.  

Other features 

  • 800-pound Weight Capacity  
  • 20 Feet Per Minute Max Travel and Speed 
  • 14 Feet Max Travel Distance 
  • No Pit Required 

When looking for a residential elevator the options may seem overwhelming. We have highlighted the Residential Stratus Elevator’s features and hope that this guide will help you with the purchasing decision! If you have any questions about the Residential Stratus Elevator, contact us today or visit our website!  


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