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Benefits of Installing a Porch Lift

Benefits of Installing a Porch Lift

For individuals living with limited mobility and their loved ones, home accessibility can present some unexpected challenges. This is especially true if you didn’t buy your home with accessibility in mind, and are now needing to make updates to accommodate the changing accessibility needs of a loved one. One of the most challenging aspects of home accessibility is navigating changes in elevation outside your home. Installing a porch lift offers several benefits to make your home more accessible, and Eco Medical wants you to learn more about the benefits porch lifts can provide.

Porch Lift Benefit #1 – Save Space 

Unlike wheelchair ramps, porch lifts have a small footprint. Wheelchair ramps can require a lot of space to accommodate changes to rise and run around your property, which can cut into valuable space you may not want to give up. Porch lifts, on the other hand, are installed right next to where they are being used and only need a flat surface at each level. 

Porch Lift Benefit #2 – Improved Safety 

Many wheelchair ramps, especially wooden ramps, can become unsafe when the weather isn’t perfect. When it rains or snows, the ramp surfaces can become slippery and unsafe for anyone using the ramp. Porch lifts offered at Eco Medical include controls that are weather-resistant and a design that allows them to operate safely in any weather conditions. So, whether it’s the middle of summer or the coldest day in the winter, your lift will work just as it is supposed to.  

Porch Lift Benefit #3 – Installation Price 

Porch lifts can be installed much more quickly and with fewer materials than most wheelchair ramps. There are fewer variables to consider when adding a porch lift to your home, while wheelchair ramps may require custom configurations. This allows you to save money on materials and valuable time for your installation, so your home becomes accessible more quickly. 

If you have questions about the porch lift solutions offered by Eco Medical, our staff would be happy to help! Please contact us to learn more.  


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