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5 Ways to Stay Active Indoors

5 Ways to Stay Active Indoors


COVID-19 quickly altered what was once our world’s normal, so there’s a good chance that your workout routine was also affected. Quarantine, stay at home orders and businesses closing have thrown a wrench in people’s normal trips to the gym, instead limiting us to the walls of our own home to stay active. Don’t give up on trying these at-home exercises, stretches and helpful tips that can ensure you’ll stay active while you’re indoors! 

1. Periodic Stretching 

It’s common for many people to spend most of their day seated, especially if you’re working from home or find standing for long periods of time more difficult as you get older. A simple habit to start is to get up periodically, preferably at least once an hour, to stretch, walk around, do a household chore, etc. Any movement is better than no movement, so this is a great way to start slow and steady. 

2. Use Mobility Aids  

If you deal with having limited mobility, there are countless products that can help you get moving safely. With mobility aids like canescrutches or scooters, you can stay active around the house without having to worry about falls. Even if you can’t get around as easily, mobility aids make it possible to stroll around the house, get household tasks done, go for a walk outside and more! 

3. Stay Safe 

As you age, you become more prone to falls and accidents around the house. It’s obvious that it's more difficult to stay active when an injury takes place which is why remaining safe in the house is so important. Also, being in shape can greatly reduce the risk of falls in seniors. Adding things like bed railingsgrab bars and toilet frames is a great place to start. 

4. Chair Workouts 

If you have a smaller space to work with inside or experience very limited mobility, chair workouts are a great way to keep your body moving indoors. Chair workouts, especially those in a lift chair, could range in intensity depending on your abilities. For a lighter workout, simply do some leg raises, arm raises or core twists, and for more difficult exercises you can add weights, use the chair for pushups or planks, squats and more. Personalize and modify the chair workouts as you go! 

5. Video Classes 

Whether you find an old workout DVD or decide to search online, finding video workout classes is a great way to bring back the gym feeling. Don’t worry about spending money if you don’t want to – there are plenty of follow-along workout videos on the Internet that range in intensity, style, length and more. 

The pandemic has changed countless things but adjusting to change and doing the best with what you have is what matters. With today’s technology, safety products, mobility aids and a little motivation, you can get back to being active all while at home. Feel free to contact us for more information about the products we offer! 

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