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Archive - October 2022

Living in Place

Make Living in Place Less Scary for Seniors

Posted On: October 29, 2022 by Eco Medical Equipment in: Age, Mobility

With Halloween approaching and all the fun scary activities going on, living in place may be scary too - and we want to keep the scariness just to Halloween fun! Living in place can bring up many worries and concerns for seniors and their families. We are going to share with you a few concerns that may arise and ways to ease those concerns to make living in place less frightening!  

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Van Conversion

Driving with Vehicle Modifications

Posted On: October 15, 2022 by Eco Medical Equipment in: Van Conversion, Vehicle modification

Not everyone knows this, but vehicle accessibility modifications are very present in today's world and are used by many. Modifications can solve the problems of getting in and out of the car for people with disabilities or limited mobility. There are also modifications for seat height issues, seat belt usage, and reaching the controls within the car. Automotive accessibility has come a long way in recent years and we...

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