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Archive - September 2020

5 Wheelchair Exercises to Get A Full-Body Workout

5 Wheelchair Exercises to Get A Full-Body Workout

Posted On: September 21, 2020 by Eco Medical Equipment in: Exercise, Wheelchair

No matter what your abilities are, staying active and increasing your heart rate is important and necessary for a healthy lifestyle. With the right exercises, you never have to let your wheelchair stop you from getting a workout in! Try these 5 seated exercises for a full-body, easy-to-follow workout to start your day. 

Why are Wheelchair Exercises Beneficial? 

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Tags: Exercise, Wheelchair

How to Stay Mobile During a Global Pandemic

Posted On: September 7, 2020 by Eco Medical Equipment in: Cane, COVID-19, Crutches, Exercise, Mobility, Scooter, Walkers, Wheelchair

With COVID19 completely changing today’s world and the way we live; your mobility is one of the many things that may have been impacted in your life. This is especially true for seniors because of the higher risk or because many mobility options, like walking around the mall or going to the local gym, may be temporarily closed. Continue reading to find out ways you or your aging loved one can stay mobile while also staying safe.

At-Home Workouts

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Tags: Cane, COVID-19, Mobile, Walker, Wheelchair

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